For information on what courses I will be teaching, my current research projects, my books and essays, and commentaries on assorted topics, please follow the menu posted on the right.

In brief, this fall 2014 semester I’ll be teaching Fire (BIO 427) and Literary nonfiction (HPS 591)Office hours are not yet set but will probably be on Tues and Thurs.

The graduate  Certificate in Nonfiction Writing and Publication has received final approval and will active for Fall, 2014.  I continue to develop courses and events and to explore ways to leverage it more widely.

Regarding, research now that Fire: Nature and Culture  and Fire on Earth: An Introduction, are finally in print, I’ll turn my attention to wrangling my sprawling modern fire history of the U.S. since 1960 into publication. 

My major  effort continues to be a survey of American fire history since 1960.   The idea was to write two books, one a grand narrative (the play by play, as it were), and other other, a collection of essays (the color commentary).  The narrative will be published by the Forest Service, with a target of October 2014.  The commentary – over 200 posts – self-organized into five regional suites, along with another anthology of topical essays.  I need to round up a few stray essays and complete the matrix for the Southwest, but they, too, are out for review.  For details see the project website.

Recent commentaries of interest include an op/ed in the Arizona Republic on the Yarnell Hill tragedy, a survey of the American fire scene for the Washington Post, a general piece on why we are not at war with fire for Project Syndicate after the Black Forest fire in Colorado, and a tribute to Voyager the indomitable, now questing in interstellar space.

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